Importance of an Internal Audit & How to Decide the Frequency of Internal Audit in Your Organization

What is an Internal Audit?

An internal audit is a process through which a company assesses its internal control and checks how well it manages its accounting process while observing its rules and regulations designed to add value and improve the operations of a particular organization. It helps to maintain precise and timely reporting. An internal audit is a group or department tasked with furnishing an independent and impartial review of the business organization and the processes. The character of an internal audit is to inform the governing bodies of an organization about the risk factors and operational effectiveness.

The ultimate goal of an internal audit is to recognize weaknesses within the organization so that they can be fixed quickly to prevent the organization from further harm.

Why does a company need an internal audit?

An internal audit is important for a company as: It provides perceptive insight- You cannot audit your work without having a conflict between the private interest and the official responsibilities. An internal audit does not have any responsibility to achieve this accurate and deep understanding of the work. In situations where small companies cannot afford to build up an internal audit team, the companies can cross-train the employees of one department to audit the other department and vice-versa or they can approach the auditing firms to get the firm audited. It improves operational efficiency- By evaluating the company’s policies and procedures, one can make sure that they are doing what the company policies say, and that these procedures are satisfactory in making your business risks less severe. Assess risks and safeguard assets- An internal audit team can help the management by pointing out the risks. The team will also help the company track any changes that have been made to the company environment and make sure to lessen the severity of the risks.

Evaluate organizational control- Internal auditing is good because it helps in the betterment of the environment of the company by evaluating the efficiency and utilizing the effectiveness. Scrutinizes cybersecurity environment- Internal audit scrutinizes your cybersecurity environment and makes sure about their security following the organizational policies.


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