Advisory & Consultancy

Advisory and Consultancy

Advisory and consultancy entails the services, tools and support offered by firms to their clients. That support is aimed at providing capability to those entities to make the best decisions geared towards moving their business forward with respect to a given goal or objective. These decisions would involve taking actions which include preventing, responding to and remediating a wide range of business threats, risks and complex issues which may face organizations from time to time. Ordinarily, these would be what is categorized as non-audit services. They entail

Financial Reporting Activities

Activities under Financial reporting non-audit services are:

i. Accounting and Book-keeping

ii. Management Accounting

iii .Public Finance Management

iv. Financial Risk Management

v. Financial Management

Consultancy And Advisory Activities

Activities and services under consultancy and advisory activities are:

i. Insolvency and liquidation

ii. Restructuring

iii. Contractual requirements

iv. Regulatory returns

v. Payroll services

vi. Internal audit services

vii. Human resource services

viii. Internal audit and risk compliance services

ix. IT and system review services

x. Attestation of documents

xi. Training

Corporate Finance Activities

Activities or services to be considered under corporate services are:

i. Promoting shares

ii. Acting as the lead adviser (Business sale)

iii. Corporate services support services (Equity raising)

iv. Valuation of shares

v. Company secretarial services

vi. Restructuring

As the list above is not comprehensive, please feel free to enquire about a service if you do not see it listed.