Audit & Assurance

Audit &Assurance

Biticha and Associates professionals recognize that to deliver a quality financial statement audit it’s important to look beyond the accounting entries to the underlying activities and operators. Working across a wide range of industry sectors, partners and staff from Biticha and Associates bring sector-specific proficiency to every audit. Our professionals perform audits that stand up to the rigors of public scrutiny

We combine broad international experience with technical know-how in audits of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)-based financial statements.Comprehensive audits provide the assurance that business need. Our teams are always led by a partner and there are professionals at every level, ensuring that the reported annual results are fairly presented. Our clients gain the benefit of broad business experience and technical expertise, delivered by individuals who listen and respond to their nee

Regulatory and compliance audits are types of assurance services. They essentially do the same thing, ensure that an organization’s operations are following guidelines and rules set forth in either legislation or policy. Regulatory audits are those that test compliance with laws and regulations, while compliance audits are those that test against policies. Audit and Assurance activities involve

i. Financial Statement Audits




v.StockAuditsvi.Accounting and assurance/accountants certificate

vii.Forensic accountingand auditing

viii.Examination, Verification andvouchingx

ix. Testing Accounting Systems and Internal controls

operating policy compliance

xi. Operating efficiency


xiii.Operation objective compliance

xiv.Proper financial administration

xv.Financial and operating integrity