Tax activities involve advisory related work for organizations and individual where taxation and tax administration procedures need to be undertaken. Advisory work on tax is aimed at ensuring that organizations and individuals are compliant with tax laws and regulations in any given jurisdiction or marke

Our tax team helps companies, co-operative societies and Non-Governmental Organisations to navigate complexity and grow with insightful, practical tax advice. Our priority is to minimize your business and personal tax exposure through appropriate planning and keeping you advised of the changing regulatory requirements, locally and abroad, in a timely manner.Our tax specialist team provides tax services based on three main goals namely tax minimization, wealth management and value maximization. Our services cover the following are

i. Income tax

·Corporation tax filing

·Pay As You Earn(PAYE)filing

·Withholding tax (WHT)filing

·Advance tax filing

·Installment tax filing

ii. Rental IncomeTax

iii. Value AddedTaxiv.Excise Duty

v. Capital GainTax

vi. Agency revenue

·Stamp duty filing

·Betting and pool tax filing

vii. Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

viii. Transferpricing

ix. Taxplanning